About us

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The Kuyasa Fund, a new dawn in housing finance, aims to create sustainable households and communities. We do this through facilitating access to housing finance as a tool for improving well-being and supporting the development of a financial sector for the poor. We believe that the poorest of the poor are credit-worthy and that through mobilizing savings they are able to build financial and social capital. In order to meet our vision, The Kuyasa Fund provides micro-finance services to those with secure operational rights who are excluded from formal finance, because improving the quality of housing adds essential social value and because no other appropriate sources of housing finance are available to low-income households.

The Kuyasa Fund Vision: we believe

Kuyasa’s work emerges from the belief that poor and low-income people are credit-worthy and should therefore be extended financial services to build sustainable homes and strong cohesive communities.

“…improving the well being of low-income families…”


The Kuyasa Fund Mission: working together

By facilitating access to housing finance, Kuyasa aspires to be an effective resource for improving the well being of low-income families in communities across South Africa.

Kuyasa supports the development of a financial sector for the poor through the provision and disbursement of small loans to homeowners who are typically excluded from formal finance.

By encouraging poor South African’s to mobilize their savings and apply for housing finance, Kuyasa strives to help people capitalize on their assets thereby ensuring financial stability.