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Founded by the Development Action Group in 2000, The Kuyasa Housing Finance Company’s mandate is to provide microfinance to improve the housing conditions of those who are unable to access formal finance. Microfinance loans are administrated in order for households to improve their housing quality, and thus build equity through economic, financial and social capital gained from home improvements.

Kuyasa has developed a recognized expertise in housing microfinance loans for which there is an unmet demand in the South African marketplace. With proven loan books, the business has evolved into a specialized housing microfinance institution and has pioneered a microcredit methodology which is culturally appropriate, successfully providing over 52, 000 clients with financial products.

Kuyasa aims to create sustainable households and communities. We do this through facilitating access to housing finance as a tool for improving well-being and supporting the development of a financial sector for the poor. We believe that the poorest of the poor are creditworthy  and that through mobilising savings they are able to build financial and social capital. In order to meet our vision, Kuyasa provides microfinance services to those with secure operational rights who are excluded from formal finance, because improving the quality of housing adds essential value and because no other appropriate sources of housing finance are available to low-income households.

Our Vision

Kuyasa aims to create sustainable households and communities. We believe the poorest of the poor are creditworthy. Our vision is to be the leading  housing finance institution servicing the financially excluded.


  • In order to meet our vision, Kuyasa provides financial services to those with secured occupational rights who are excluded from formal finance.
  • To build a financially sustainable institution that can service our client market in perpetuity.


Our Team


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The house was too small and full of concerns. The house was not well built or safe. Water used to get in and I have children and grandchildren. If they come to me there is no place to sleep, or to move around. They can't come to me. That's why I wanted to make my house bigger.

I decided to use Kuyasa because I saw they were helping people so I was motivated to join. The bank can't lend us old people money. They can lend but I wanted to pay in cash and I can't do that at the bank. So it worked well with Kuyasa. It didn't take very long to pay off my first loan... When I spoke to them we always came to an agreement. If I didn't understand I would phone Cape Town. I wouldn't be afraid to phone Cape Town and they would explain things to me, help me understand and we would come to an agreement... They are a group of people who understand me. If I perhaps said this month I can't pay the full balance, they understood.

Elsie Maqhina, 73

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