Cape Town Projects

Notozana, 57

Self Employed
Cape Town – Makhaza
3 Kuyasa loans
Loan value: R39 000

“If you are running short of material or anything, you can go to Kuyasa and borrow the money. Kuyasa is very good. Kuyasa helps the people who want to extend their houses. Kuyasa helps people like me. When you’ve got nothing you see or you earn less, but Kuyasa help you.”

Nomachina, 62

Cape Town – Khayelitsha
4 Kuyasa loan
Loan value: R55 000

“I like Kuyasa because it helps. If you need something, money, it can give you money. You can buy something for your house… Kuyasa is good. If you want a big house you must go to Kuyasa. Kuyasa can help you…I love Kuyasa. Everyone can get help there.”


Ndileka, 65

Creche owner
Cape Town Gugulethu
3 Kuyasa loan
Loan value: R35 000

“Kuyasa is helping people build. I wanted to build the crèche and my house. I’m very proud because now I’ve got a business through Kuyasa. The government only register crèches with brick, I’m in that process now because of the brick Kuyasa gave me.”

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