George Projects

Wilson & Eunice, 57 & 47

George – Thembalethu
3 Kuyasa loans
Loan value: R23 000

“A one-roomed RDP house was nog big enough. Our family sleeping quarters had to be divided using wardrobes. We decided to extend because the environment was not good for living.”

Victoria Balani, 52

George – Thembalethu
3 Kuyasa loans
Loan value: R35 000

“My husband didn’t work, I didn’t work and we had no spare money. When it rained the water would come in through the door and we had six children sleeping in one room. I heard about Kuyasa , but i thought they can’t take me because i’m not working. they gave me the money.”

Marriam, 67

George Branch – MosselBay
4 Kuyasa loans
Loan value: R26 000

“Kuyasa’s work is important because it helps those who want to succeed in life. When you pass away you leave a legacy for your kids… If I die the children stay here because I haven’t got the bank money. So this house is the bank… I advise people to make loans at Kuyasa. You are not changing your life, you are changing the next generation’s life.”

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