Mr. Khandiyeza Gwayi hear about the Kuyasa Fund from the people in the community that live close to Percy Mdala School. These were fairly new RDP houses but him and his wife noticed how big those houses are and started asking questions from the community because they needed to do a ceiling. He had tried to borrow money from the traditional banks and was turned away because he was not earning enough income.

In 2010, a Loans Development Officer who was working in that area did a presentation in that area. When they heard about the Kuyasa Fund works they got interested and signed for a loan of R5 000. They both are on government grant and they co-signed for a loan. They love their working relationship with the Kuyasa find because TKF has representatives that live in that area that they can approach for questions and more information. They are also making use of a customer service centre in that area. they did ceiling for the lounge and kitchenarea with their first loan and when they finished it they applied again for another loan to the value of R5 000 in 2012.

The 2nd loan that they took, they are busy building a garage. Mr. and Mrs. Gwayi live with their last born who is studying at a tertiary institution and have six grandchildren.

The Gwayi’s plan to take a 3rd loan and do ceilings in the two bedrooms that were not done with the first loan since the money was not enough to finish the four room house.

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