The Kuyasa Fund Language Policy publication in terms of NCR conditions of registration:

The Kuyasa Fund try to ensure that you have the option to bank in your own language. Read our language policy below for more info.

Language Policy of Altius Trading 423 PTY Ltd  <— click to download

Section 63(1) of the National Credit Act (“the Act”) states that “a consumer has a right to receive any document that is required in terms of the Act in an official language that the consumer reads or understands, to the extent that is reasonable having regard to usage, practicality, expense, regional circumstances and the balance of the needs and preferences of the population ordinarily served by the person required to deliver that document”.

Altius Trading 423 (PTY) Ltd., registration number 2010/022824/07 (“Altius Trading 423 (PTY) Ltd.”), as a registered credit provider (NCRCP 7450), was required, as a condition of its registration requirements, to submit its language proposal taking cognisance of the criteria as set out in section 63(1) above.