Mrs. Noliseth Mphandle

Cape Town Branch – Kraaifontein

Mrs. Noliseth Mphandla is originally fromthe Eastern Cape former Transkei in the town of Lady Free. She arrived in the Western Cape in 1997and she settled in an informal settlement at Kraaifontein called Mooitroop in search for a job to support her family. The area she stayed at was a mixed area of coloured and Africans.

She is marriedbut her husband is not working leaving her to be the breadwinner for her family. She works as a security officer at NomzabalazoPeopleHousing Project.She is the sole provider and has to raise her six children and five are under her care as the older one is working. Her second child born is an artist and currently doing an acting course through New Africa and has to commuteto Athlone on a daily basis soshehasto help him as well withtransport fare. The young ones are still at Primary School so she has to help him as well with transport fare. The four young ones are still at Primary School.While staying at Mooitroop she applied for a house. In 2003 her plot was approved and her house was finally built in 2006 in Wallascedene Township.

When the house was built it was a three (3) roomed house which consisted of a 1x bedroom, 1 x lounge and 1 x toilet. Since she has big family, she needed to extend her house and build extra rooms. She heard about The Kuyasa Fund through a presentation that was done by the Loans Development Officer working in her area. She took the first loan in 2008 to buy bricks for a period of 18 months and she paid it up. In 2010 she took a 2nd loan to o do roofing and she has now paid it up.  Her extensions to  her PHP house are two bedrooms; one of the bedrooms has an ensuite which she uses as her main bedroom, one bathroom and a toilet. She now owns a house with three bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. Like many informal employees she preferred to take a loan through The Kuyasa Fund because even if she misses an installment on the  25th she still has an option to go and pay the loan before Kuyasa Fund closes their books since she works for a community project and sometimes she gets her salary after the 25th.

She would like to a 3rd loan to build her yard, because she does not sleep well at night because she worries that her car might be stolen since she does not have a yard.

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