Mrs. Notobenkos Mzalisi

Cape Town Branch – Khayelitsha

Mrs. Notobenkos Mzalisi has been a client with Kuyasa for almost six years and she’s amazed to see how her life has changed in this short period of time. Originally from the Eastern Cape Province, she settled with her family in the Makhaya subdivision of Khayelitsha. Her circumstances  changed for the worst when the government forced  her  and  her family to relocate from their fully paid home to  a  RDP  barebones  home  in the  Site  C division.

Her husband passed away and she was left on her own to support the family. After attending  a Kuyasa presentation in the area, she took out her first loan of R5000 to renovate the kitchen and add an extension to the existing  structure.

The loan value just fell short of the total project costs so she applied for a larger R10,000 loan to finish the renovation and also start the process  ofinstalling a gate to improve the security of her home. With her most recent loan, she’s built a canopy to provide some shelter from the blistering heat in the summer and is currently modernizing the bathroom. Kuyasa  has  changed  her  life because she’s been able to extend her home.

Her next project will be a shiny new coat of paint on the walls of her modest home.  She recommends Kuyasa loans to all her friends.

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