Port Elizabeth Projects

Nobengazi, 81

Port Elizabeth
2 Kuyasa loans
Loan value: R11 000

“Kuyasa’s work is important because they are helping people that are poor that cannot manage to have this sum of money.”

Frank, 64

Port Elizabeth
1 Kuyasa loan
loan value: R6 000

“My husband didn’t work, I didn’t work and we had no spare money. When it rained the water would come in through the door. And we had six children sleeping in one room. I heard about Kuyasa but I thought they couldn’t take me because I’m not working. They gave me the money.”

Ida, 78

Port Elizabeth
4 Kuyasa loans
Loan value: R21 000

“I like Kuyasa very much because I always tell them, the customers… There is nothing wrong with Kuyasa. Pay every moth. Start with Kuyasa and then pay other debts. I always do that. Kuyasa is very good. I recommend it. Kuyasa helps pensioners. I’ve used the money from Kuyasa to fix my ceiling, windows, put up burglar bars and add an extra flat that I rent out.”

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