Background of the programmes

The learning programmes were a brainchild of the Human Resource Manager, Mrs. Fortunate Nyamhunga. She is a strong believer in empowering people through education and impacting skills and knowledge. She applied for funding¬† through Bankseta and all her applications were successful. She applied for funding for four programmes. The aim of the programmes was to empower and equip people with skills that are much needed to help those who are employed to excel in their job and microfinance environment and to equip those who are unemployed with the skills and knowledge to secure a job in the business world. Fortunate strongly believes in development through learning because she has graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Psychology & Gender studies from the University of Cape Town. She has a BA Hons degree is Psychology from UNISA as well as a certificate in microfinance management from the university of Pretoria. In addition a Registered Assessor with both BANKSETA’s SERVICE SETA and Registered Moderator with BANKSETA.

The learnerships that were approved are:

  • National Certificate Microfinance Learnership Level 3 (Unemployed)
  • National Certificate Microfinance Learnership Level 3 (Employed)
  • National Certificate Microfinance Learnership Level 4 (Employed)

Microfinance Learnership Level 3 (Unemployed)

This programme was specifically targeted a giving back to communities who have supported us for the past 11 years. We strongly believe that if you educate a child, you educate a nation. The opportunity was given to 16 learners spread across all our branches.


Cape Town
Port Elizabeth

Number of Beneficiaries



We, both of us, We've got families, and we wouldn't like when the pay us a visit,  they must... do you know a tin of sardines... there's no space in between we didn't want that. That is why when we heard from one of my friends that there is a place at NU 9 where you can borrow some money... we were interested.

I said to this guy hey, I'm a pensioner, they won't allow me. Then this guy said to me 'Go, go and find out.' She pushed me to. And then I went there, with God's grace, I was accepted. It was within a day or two my phone rang, "your money is in the bank". I was so pleased. The same day I said to my wife let's go. From the bank we went to buy materials.

Out of 100%, I'll give Kuyasa 150%. Quick service. Good service and your stuff here. Your staff at UN 9, they've got manners. They know how to handle a client. I take my hat off... Keep up your good work.

Frank and Maggie Lucas, 64