Sindisiwa Cynthia Qunta

Cape Town Branch – Khayelitsha

Mrs. Sindisiwa Qunta is just one example of the many Kuyasa Fund loan success stories.  She moved from Eastern Cape to an informal settlement in Green Point, Khayelitsha in search of greener pastures.  She registered her name for an RDP house in the waiting list and waited for three years. She wa s finally granted a RDP home in Makhaza Township, Khayelitsha.

She is a single parent and has a big family. She tried looking for a job and the money she earned as a domestic worker was not enough to meet all her family needs and she decided to start a spaza shop and operated from her house.  The government subsidized dwelling was inadequate for her and her five children’s needs.  She wanted to apply for a loan so that she could increase the size of her home but the local banks were unwilling to provide her with access to capital.  Fortunately, she qualified for a loan with Kuyasa and the organization offered her a loan of R10, 000 in 2006 so that she could build an extension to her home.  After paying off her loan, she honed her entrepreneurial spirit and received a second Kuyasa loan to add another extension to the front of her home so that she could open a small canteen and serve her delicious recipes to the neighborhood.  She was also able to improve the yard and install a fence for added security.

Mrs. Qunta is currently on her 5th loan and she’s constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to earn additional income and improve her growing business.  Her recent ventures include a pre-paid electricity terminal and a temporary liquor license for her restaurant.  She didn’t stop there as she used a combination of her savings, profits from her business, and her latest loan to purchase a twin cab  bakkie that she uses to move goods and improve the efficiency of her business.  She hopes that she will be able to save enough funds one day to add a double storey to her home and dedicate the entire first floor to her business.  Mrs. Qunta, we can’t wait until you realize that dream!

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