My house is full during the holidays. I needed more pace, that's why I went to Kuyasa. This is my second loan. It was very important to me because we were full when my ten grandchildren came to stay. They used to use the sitting room to sleep, anywhere. We had no space, we really had no space.

I did go to FNB for a loan, but because I'm a pensioner I can't. I'm a pensioner and I'm single. They said to me if I had a husband so that we have two pensioners it will be fine, but because I'm alone they can't. That's why I choose Kuyasa for a loan.

It was only a few days and the money was in the bank. It wasn't even five days.

Selena Eloff, 66

We, both of us, We've got families, and we wouldn't like when the pay us a visit,  they must... do you know a tin of sardines... there's no space in between we didn't want that. That is why when we heard from one of my friends that there is a place at NU 9 where you can borrow some money... we were interested.

I said to this guy hey, I'm a pensioner, they won't allow me. Then this guy said to me 'Go, go and find out.' She pushed me to. And then I went there, with God's grace, I was accepted. It was within a day or two my phone rang, "your money is in the bank". I was so pleased. The same day I said to my wife let's go. From the bank we went to buy materials.

Out of 100%, I'll give Kuyasa 150%. Quick service. Good service and your stuff here. Your staff at UN 9, they've got manners. They know how to handle a client. I take my hat off... Keep up your good work.

Frank and Maggie Lucas, 64

I've got family so I can't stay with one room... You can't stay in a small house. Sometimes you have family or friends who stay with you. The importance of a house in term of safety was also noted: "It's not good staying in a wendy house." A brick house is safer. Someone can just attack you there.

I like Kuyasa because it helps. If you need something, money, it can give you money. You can buy something for your house... Kuyasa is good. If you want a big house you must go to Kuyasa. Kuyasa can help you... There are not much charges for Kuyasa (like at banks). Banks also only want people who are working like in factories...
I love Kuyasa. Everyone can get help there.

Nomachina, 62
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