Mthuthuzeli Zenani

Cape Town Branch – Khayelitsha

Mr. Mithuthuzeli Zenani got his first loan in 2006 when a loan development officer introduced him to Kuyasa. He had been a solid long timemember of a savings group and he desperately wanted to improve on his government subsidized house. The brick structure wasin dire need of a facelift. With his first loan of R 5000.00, he was able to plaster the internal walls and cover the exposed bricks. In 2009 he applied for a second loan of R5000.00 and did ceiling that helped in stopping the rain from leaking during the winter months.

In 2010 he applied for a R10 000 loan and he used that loan to updgrade his home. Even though Mr. Zenani lost his job last year, he’s hopeful that he will soonfind another source of income so that he can finish paying off his loan. He still worries about his  inances but he’s thoroughly convinced that Kuyasa has given him hope for the  uture. He’s grateful that Kuyasa extended a handand changed his life forever.

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